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Occupational Therapists


Develop individualized treatment plans in accordance with our holistic philosophy towards treatment. Plan, organize and conduct occupational therapy programs to help rehabilitate those impaired because of illness, injury or Psychological or developmental problems. Test and evaluate patients’ physical and mental abilities and analyze medical data to determine realistic rehabilitation goals. Select activities that will help children learn life-management skills within the limits of their mental and physical capabilities. Evaluate progress and prepare reports that detail progress. Complete and maintain necessary records. Train parents how to provide for the needs of the child during and after therapy. Recommend changes in living environments consistent with the child’s needs and capabilities. Develop and participate in health promotion programs, group activities, or discussions to promote health, facilitate social adjustment, alleviate stress, and prevent physical or mental disability. Consult with the rehabilitation team to select activity programs and coordinate occupational therapy with other therapeutic activities. Plan and implement programs and social activities to help children learn school skills and adjust to their disabilities. Travel required to job sites throughout California up to 100%. Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy or its foreign equivalent. In alternative, Bachelors degree in Occupational Therapy or related field plus 5 years of progressive experience in the related filed accepted. California License in Occupational Therapy required.


Physical Therapists


Increase strength and decrease or prevent deformity of patients suffering from disease or Injury. Perform and document an initial exam, evaluating data to identify problems and determine a diagnosis prior to intervention. Plan, prepare and carry out individually designed programs of physical treatment to maintain, improve or restore physical functioning, alleviate pain and prevent physical dysfunction in patients. Records prognosis, treatment, response, and progress in patient’s chart or enter information into computer. Identify and document goals, anticipated progress and plans for reevaluation. Administer Manual exercises, massage or traction to help relieve pain, increase patient strength, or decrease or prevent deformity or crippling. Evaluate effects of treatment at various stages and adjust treatments to achieve maximum benefit. Test and measure patient’s strength, motor development function, sensory perception, functional capacity, and respiratory and circulatory efficiency and record data. Instruct patient and family in treatment procedures to be continued at home. Confer with the patient, medical Practitioners, and appropriate others to plan, implement, and assess the intervention program. Review physician’s referral and patient’s medical records to help determine; diagnosis and physical therapy treatment required in schools, pediatric clinics, day rehabilitation centers and group homes. Travel required to job sites throughout California up to 100%. Masters degree in physical therapy or physiology or related field or its foreign equivalent. In alternative, bachelors in physical therapy or physiology or related field or Its foreign equivalent plus 5 years of progressive experience in  the related field accepted. California license in physical therapy required.


Rehabilitation Directors


Communicate with Rehabilitation Department and Therapists on all rehab related issues within the Facility and at other branches in a timely manner. Relay communication from the Rehabilitation department to all Therapists, Patients and related Authorities. Direct Rehab Team in Co-ordination of Optimal Interdisciplinary patient scheduling and establishing a group treatment schedule as appropriate to the patients. Plan, administer, and direct operation of health rehabilitation programs, such as physical, occupational, recreational, and speech therapies. Consult with medical and professional staff of other departments and personnel from associated health care fields to plan and coordinate joint patient and management objectives. Manage facilities and responsible for data management. Conduct staff conferences and plans training programs to maintain proficiency of staff in therapy techniques and use of new methods and equipment to meet patients’ needs. Supervise and/or evaluate licensed therapists and recommend necessary amendments and changes. Allocate personnel on basis of work load, space, and equipment available. Analyze operating costs and prepares department budget. Recommend patient fees for therapy based on use of equipment and therapy staff. Coordinate research projects to develop new approaches to rehabilitative therapy. Serve as rehabilitative therapy consultant to employers, educational institutions, and community organizations. Travel required to job sites throughout California up to 100%. Master’s degree or its foreign Equivalent in Physical Therapy, Physiology or closely related field. In the alternative, Bachelor’s degree or its Foreign Equivalent in Physical Therapy, Physiology or closely related field plus Five years of progressive experience in the related field accepted.


Speech Language Pathologists


Assess and treat students/children with speech, language, voice, and fluency disorders. Monitor and evaluate speech and language disorders and impairments. Administer appropriate evaluations and tests. Record/document information on treatment, progress and discharge. Develop and implement individualized treatment plans to remedy speech and language problems. Instruct students/children in techniques for more effective communication. Supervise Speech Pathology Assistants and Clinical Fellows. Master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology and/or Audiology or foreign equivalent required. In alternative, Bachelor’s degree in Speech Language Pathology and/or Audiology or foreign equivalent plus 5 years of progressive experience in the related field accepted. California License in Speech Language Pathology required.


Registered Nurses


Assess the patient’s mental status and cognitive (thinking) skills and observe rehab patient’s behavior. Understand patient’s acute and chronic health issues. Establish treatment plans, operate medical equipment and supervise  Licensed Practical Nurse(LPN) and Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Consult with Licensed therapists time to time to discuss critical health issues of the patients. Discuss common health concerns, such as falls, incontinence, changing sleep patterns and sexual issues. Organize medications. Educate the patient about personal safety and disease prevention. Explain and recommend adjustments to the patient’s medication regimen to ensure adherence. Link the patient with local resources as needed. Provide care for the adult and geriatric patient. Assess and interpret age related data. Ability to involve families and significant others in the plan of care; adapts treatments, procedures and equipment based on age specific adult and geriatric patient needs. Safely administers medications; implements measures to reduce restraint/seclusion and perform diagnostics tests. Provides and manages the provision of home and long-term care nursing care, based on company’s policies and procedures, the physician’s orders and through the

competent application of the nursing process. Differentiate between patient psychological symptoms that occur concurrently with altered physiological functioning. Assess patients with significant deficits in biological, emotional, cognitive and behavioral systems. Read, analyze and interpret professional journals, technical procedures and understand governmental regulations. Write reports and use proper grammar when documenting. Perform multi-step procedures, recognizing changes in patient behaviors or conditions and analyzing priorities to facilitate optimum work performance. Utilize relevant regulatory standards and academic knowledge in the related field. Utilize and maintain strict client confidentiality, HIPAA compliance. Travel required to job sites throughout California up to 100%. Bachelors’ degree or its Foreign Equivalent in Nursing, Gerontology or closely related field required. California Registered Nurse License required.


Systems Analysts


Assist in collecting requirement specifications and analyzing business process, and mapping process flow to determine the exact nature of user’s system requirements. Assist in creating processing steps and design new healthcare systems and solutions in accordance with user’s requirements. Interact with IT professionals, such as software engineers and programmers to develop data migration tools and attend to ad-hoc issues related to day to-day activities. Work closely with IT professionals throughout the implementation and testing phases, to set up test environments and test data for a timely and exhaustive project testing. Assist programmers to debug or eliminate errors from the system. Assist in preparing specifications, flow charts, and process diagrams for programmers to follow. Assist in developing and maintaining systems documentation such as design specifications, user manuals, technical manuals, description of healthcare application operations, and methodology documentations. Bachelor or foreign equivalent in Computer Science/Applications/Engineering, Computer / Management Information Systems, any Engineering or related field. Any suitable combination of education, training, or experience is acceptable.